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Doctor For Angioplasty Treatment In Chennai

Angioplasty treatment in Chennai
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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable angioplasty treatment in Chennai? Look no further than Dr. M. Kathiresan! He is one of the best cardiologists in Chennai and has been offering top-notch angioplasty treatment at competitive prices for many years. With Dr. M. Kathiresan, you can rest assured that you will receive the best angioplasty treatment, at MK Heart Clinic.

What is Angioplasty?

Angioplasty is a medical procedure used to treat narrowed or blocked blood vessels (usually arteries) in various parts of the body, most commonly the coronary arteries of the heart. It involves inserting a thin tube (catheter) with a deflated balloon at its tip into the affected artery. Once positioned at the blockage site, the balloon is inflated to compress the plaque or fatty deposits against the artery walls, thereby widening the artery and restoring blood flow.

In some cases, a small mesh tube called a stent may be placed in the artery during angioplasty to help keep it open after the procedure. Angioplasty is typically performed under local anesthesia and often involves minimal recovery time compared to open surgery. It is commonly used to relieve symptoms of coronary artery disease such as chest pain (angina) or to minimize damage during a heart attack by quickly restoring blood flow to the heart muscle.

Steps Involved in a Angioplasty treatment in Chennai

Angioplasty treatment in Chennai typically involves several key steps:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation: Patients undergo initial tests such as angiography to identify the location and severity of arterial blockages.
  • Preparation: Before the procedure, patients are prepared by receiving sedation and local anesthesia at the insertion site (usually the groin or wrist).
  • Catheter Insertion: A catheter with a deflated balloon at its tip is guided through the artery to the site of the blockage under X-ray guidance (fluoroscopy).
  • Balloon Inflation: Once positioned, the balloon is inflated to compress the plaque against the artery walls, widening the artery and restoring blood flow.
  • Possible Stenting: In some cases, a stent may be inserted to help keep the artery open after balloon angioplasty.
  • Monitoring and Recovery: Patients are closely monitored post-procedure for any complications and are typically discharged within a day if there are no issues, with instructions for recovery and follow-up care.

Angioplasty in Chennai is conducted by experienced interventional cardiologists using advanced equipment to ensure effective treatment of arterial blockages.

Why is Angioplasty Done?

Angioplasty is performed primarily to treat coronary artery disease (CAD) by restoring blood flow to the heart muscle. Key reasons include:
1. Relieving Symptoms: Angioplasty alleviates chest pain (angina) and shortness of breath caused by reduced blood flow to the heart.
2. Preventing Heart Attacks: By opening narrowed or blocked arteries, angioplasty reduces the risk of heart muscle damage and subsequent heart attacks.
3. Improving Quality of Life: Enhanced blood flow supports better heart function, enabling patients to lead more active and fulfilling lives.
4. Emergency Treatment: In acute situations like heart attacks, angioplasty can swiftly reopen blocked arteries, minimizing heart muscle damage and improving outcomes.

Angioplasty treatment in Chennai | Dr. M. Kathiresan

How is Angioplasty Performed

Here’s an overview of how angioplasty treatment in Chennai is typically performed:

  • Preparation: The patient is usually given a sedative to help them relax, but remains awake during the procedure. The insertion site, usually the wrist or groin, is cleaned and numbed with a local anesthetic.
  • Catheter Insertion: A thin, flexible tube called a catheter is inserted through a small incision in the wrist or groin and guided through the blood vessels to the blocked artery in the heart.
  • Angiogram: A contrast dye is injected through the catheter, and X-ray images (angiograms) are taken to visualize the narrowed or blocked artery. This helps the cardiologist determine the location and severity of the blockage while performing the angioplasty treatment in Chennai.
  • Balloon Inflation: A small balloon at the tip of the catheter is inflated to widen the narrowed artery, compressing the plague against the artery walls and restoring blood flow. The balloon will then be deflated and ejected.
  • Stent Placement: In some cases, a small metal mesh tube called a stent may be inserted into the artery to help keep it open. The stent is typically placed over the deflated balloon, and when the balloon is inflated, the stent expands and locks in place, providing support to the artery walls.
  • Completion: Once the desired result is achieved, the catheter and balloon are removed, and the incision site is closed with a closure device or manual pressure. The patient is usually monitored for a short period of time to ensure stability, and then taken to a recovery area.

What is the Lifespan of a Person after Angioplasty?

The lifespan of a person after angioplasty, a common procedure used to treat blocked arteries, can vary depending on various factors, including the overall health of the individual, the severity and location of the blockages, and the presence of other health conditions.

Angioplasty, also known as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), is a minimally invasive procedure that involves using a catheter to insert a small balloon into the narrowed or blocked artery to widen it, and often placing a stent to keep the artery open. This procedure can help restore blood flow to the heart and relieve symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

Research and studies made by doctor for angioplasty treatment in Chennai have shown that angioplasty can significantly improve the prognosis and quality of life for patients with blocked arteries. Many patients experience relief from symptoms, such as angina (chest pain), and are able to resume their normal activities with improved cardiac function.

The long-term success of angioplasty depends on various factors, including the patient’s lifestyle changes, adherence to prescribed medications, and management of other risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Following a heart-healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, not smoking, and managing stress, can help improve the outcome after angioplasty.

However, it’s important to note that angioplasty treatment in Chennai is not a permanent cure for blocked arteries. Restenosis, which is the re-narrowing of the artery after angioplasty, can occur in some cases. The risk of restenosis can be reduced by using drug-eluting stents, which are coated with medications that help prevent re-narrowing of the artery.

Complications of Angioplasty

  • Bleeding: at the catheter insertion site.
  • Blood Vessel Damage: during the procedure.
  • Allergic Reactions: to contrast dye used.
  • Blood Clots: potentially causing blockages.
  • Restenosis: re-narrowing of the treated artery.
  • Infection: at the catheter site.
  • Kidney Damage: due to contrast dye.

Patients should be aware of these potential complications and consult their healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

Reasons to Choose Dr. M. Kathiresan, Renowned Cardiologist in Chennai

An Experienced Cardiologist in Chennai

Dr. M. Kathiresan is a renowned cardiologist in Chennai with decades of experience in providing excellent care to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. He has extensive expertise in performing cardiac surgeries and angioplasty treatments.

He has successfully conducted numerous angioplasties, providing relief to his patients and helping them regain their quality of life. One of the major advantages of consulting Dr. M. Kathiresan is that he offers angioplasty at an affordable cost. His excellent service, combined with his low angioplasty cost in Chennai has made him a popular choice for those seeking medical treatment for blocked arteries or other cardiovascular conditions.

A Comprehensive Treatment at an Affordable Cost

Dr. M. Kathiresan is a highly skilled cardiologist working at MK Heart Clinic in Chennai, India. He offers angioplasty procedures at an incredible competitive cost. This skilled medical expert has successfully performed many angioplasties by aiding his patinets get excellent results from his sophisticated treatments. His ability to perform the procedure effectively and efficiently at a lower cost than other surgeons make him an attractive option for those looking for an affordable angioplasty treatment in Chennai.

Best Doctor for Performing Angioplasty Treatment in Chennai

Dr. M. Kathiresan is a renowned cardiologist in Chennai known for his expertise in performing angioplasties. He has successfully performed many angioplasties, with a very high success rate. His patients have been extremely satisfied with the results of his treatments.

Additionally, Dr. M. Kathiresan offers very affordable angioplasty. This has made him one of the most sought-after cardiologists in the region, as people look for reliable yet affordable treatment options.

How are the Patients Satisfied with the Results?

The patients who have consulted with Dr. Kathiresan have been extremely satisfied with the results of the angioplasty procedures performed by him. His successful and affordable angioplasty treatment in Chennai has made him one of the top cardiologists in Chennai. Patients can rest assured that they will receive a quality service at an affordable cost.

As Dr. M. Kathiresan offers angioplasty at an affordable cost, it is accessible to more people in Chennai who may be suffering from blocked arteries. His high success rate and excellent patient satisfaction make him the ideal choice for anyone looking for angioplasty treatment in Chennai.


To sum up, discover the expertise of Dr. M. Kathiresan, a renowned cardiologist, who practices at MK Heart Clinic and specializes in providing top-notch angioplasty treatment in Chennai. If you or your dear ones are prone to heart related issues or disorders, don’t miss the chance to meet this esteemed cardiologist for effective treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The angioplasty treatment in Chennai can’t reduce 100% blockage in the heart but yes most of these blocks are safely removed by performing an Angioplasty. And this treatment gives long-term results better than surgery.

Yes, after angioplasty treatment in Chennai, you can lead a better quality of life. As usual after angioplasty or heart bypass surgery, it takes a couple of days to back to normal activities. As the Angioplasty cost in Chennai here at MK Heart Clinic is affordable can be afforded by all.

The 2 dis-advantage include Damage to blood vessels and other is sometimes an Artery collapse. So getting proper angioplasty surgery is a must to avoid all those dangerous impacts.