Transradial Interventions

Causes, Right Doctor for Transradial Interventions, Procedures and Indications and Advantages and Benefits.

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Transradial intervention surgery in Chennai is a minimally invasive procedure where doctors access the cardiovascular system through the radial artery in the wrist.

This approach is commonly used for various cardiac and vascular interventions, such as coronary angiography, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), and other diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

What are Transradial Interventions?

1. Patient Preference 2. Reduced Complications 3. Reduced Access Site Complications


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Dr. M. Kathiresan is a highly skilled and experienced interventional cardiologist who specializes in transradial intervention surgery in Chennai.

Who is the Right Doctor for Transradial Interventions?


1. Real-World Success Stories 2. Compared to Tradition

1. Indications 2. Emerging Trends



1. Potential Risks 2. Experienced Teams

Transradial intervention surgery in Chennai represents a significant step forward in the world of cardiac care. Their minimally invasive nature, coupled with a range of benefits and safety measures, make them a promising option for patients seeking effective cardiac procedures.


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