Surgical Revascularization


Surgical revascularization is a modern advent method of using surgical techniques to improve blood flow in the coronary arteries.  If you find that your blood flow is hindered and you are not getting proper oxygen to your body and getting breathing issues just consult a heart specialist in Chennai.

What is Surgical Revascularization?


Surgical revascularization is performed on patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) who cannot be treated with medicine or other noninvasive treatments. This procedure opens blocked or narrowed arteries so that blood can flow through them more freely, improving heart health and reducing the risk of chest pain (angina).

When is Revascularization Performed?


Surgical revascularization (sometimes called revascularization or percutaneous revascularization) is the term used to describe medical procedures that are performed to restore blood flow to an organ, usually due to blockage in an artery.  Common surgical revascularization procedures include coronary bypass, heart valve repair, and angioplasty with stent placement.

How Effective is Revascularization?


People with PAD symptoms are more prone to Surgical Revascularization surgery. There is no proper flow of blood to their legs and feet blood is blocked within the arteries so they need to do Surgical Revascularization surgery.

Reasons for this Procedure:


1.Pain 2.Ulcers 3.Gangrene

Symptoms can include:


1.It makes the blood flow normalize 2.It relieves the severe chest pain 3.It removes the blockage from the artery vein that makes the blood flows to the heart properly and produces oxygen 4.Improve your day-to-day life and make your life normal.

Benefits of Surgical Revascularization:

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