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Single Chamber Pacemaker, Causes of Single Chamber Pacemaker Implantation and Treatment.

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MK Heart Clinic offers advanced pacemaker implantation services to ensure the well-being of patients with heart rhythm disorders.

Single Chamber Pacemaker:

A single chamber pacemaker in Chennai, implantation is a medical procedure in which a small electronic device called a pacemaker is implanted in the patient’s heart. The pacemaker is designed to regulate the heart’s rhythm and ensure that it beats at a consistent and appropriate rate.

The need for a single chamber pacemaker implantation can arise due to several underlying medical conditions and factors, including: Heart Block Aging Certain Medications Heart Surgery

Causes of Single Chamber Pacemaker Implantation:

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Dr. M. Kathiresan is an eminent electrophysiologist and an ideal choice for single chamber pacemaker implantation.

Who is the Right Doctor for Single Chamber Pacemaker Implantation?

With extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders, Dr. M. Kathiresan possesses the necessary skill and experience to evaluate patients, determine the need for a single chamber pacemaker in Chennai, and expertly perform the implantation procedure. 


1. Bleeding 2. Lead Displacement 3. Device Malfunction 4.Allergic Reaction

1. Evaluation 2. Preparation 3. Local Anaesthesia 4. Pacemaker Placement 5. Testing and Programming 6. Closure


Single chamber pacemaker in Chennai is a life-changing medical procedure designed to address heart rhythm disorders such as bradycardia and heart block. 


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