Mitral Valve Disease: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment  

Mitral valve disease refers to a group of conditions that affect the mitral valve, one of the heart’s essential valves responsible for maintaining proper blood flow between the left atrium and the left ventricle. 

* Mitral Valve Regurgitation. * Mitral Valve Stenosis. * Mitral Valve Prolapse. * Mitral Valve Annular Calcification. * Infective Endocarditis.

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Types of Mitral Valve Disease 

* Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). * Rheumatic Heart Disease. * Degenerative Change.

Causes of Mitral Valve Disease

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* Infective Endocarditis. * Congenital Defects. * Calcification * Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. * Systemic Disease.

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* Weakness and fatigue due to reduced blood flow. * Shortness of breath.

Symptoms of Mitral Valve Disease 

* Irregular heartbeats. * Swelling in the ankles, feet, or abdomen due to fluid retention. * Chest discomfort or pain.

* Medications * Surgical Interventions. * Lifestyle Modifications. * Regular Monitoring.

Mild Mitral Regurgitation Treatment Options 

To conclude, mitral valve disease presents a spectrum of challenges that impact cardiac function and overall well-being.


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