Heart Failure Signs and Symptoms 

Symptoms of heart failure vary from person to person; it depends on the type of heart failure an individual may have. 

Only by doing any hard physical work, the individual may feel some light dizziness in the body, but that won’t predict any sign of heart failure.  

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When the heart muscle doesn’t pump blood properly, that usually compiles blood back up and causes fluid to create up in the lungs, which congest and creates a blockage. As a result, the clogging fluid backup causes shortness of breath and swelling of the legs and feet. 

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Why there is Heart failure? 

There are plenty of signs that your heart is starting to give in.  This is a topic that many people shy away from. People don’t want to know that they’re dying, but it’s not the death that’s the scariest part.

What are the Symptoms of Heart failure signs and symptoms? 

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1.When lying down or doing any activity, there is shortness of breath. 2.Feel Fatigued and weakne

People who feel to have left-sided heart failure may experience the following symptoms. 

3.Inflammation in the legs, ankles, and feet. 4.Fast or irregular heartbeat 5.Reduced ability to exercise 

1.Prolonging cough or gasping with white or pink  blood-tinged mucus. 2.Bumpiness of the belly area (abdomen).

People who feel to have right-sided heart failure may experience the following symptoms : 

3.Very rapid weight gains due to fluid build-up. 4.Feel Nausea and loss of appetite. 5.Chest pain due to heart failure by a heart attack.

1.Heavy Chest pain. 2.Likely to be Fainting or feeling severe weakness. 3.Fast heartbeat than average, linked with shortness of breath. 4.coughing up white or pink, foamy mucus found.

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When to see a Doctor : 

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