Heart attack treatment in Chennai



When anyone has a heart attack that means the blood flow to the heart is hindered, and the heart muscle is blocked often clogged or blocked in the arteries of the heart.

What is a Heart Attack?


1.Starts slowly and continues for hours, days, or weeks before a heart attack comes.  2.But unlike sudden cardiac arrest in a heart attack, the heart never stops beating. 3.The symptoms vary between men and women.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack:


Sudden cardiac arrest happens without any sign. It can be aggravated by an electrical malfunction in the heart that causes a high rate of heart beating than a normal beat called (arrhythmia). The heart stops pumping due to inefficient blood flow to the brain, lungs, and other organs.

What is Cardiac Arrest?


Both heart conditions are linked, Sudden cardiac arrest occurs immediately after a heart attack or during recovery.  In Heart attacks, there is more chance of survival a victim can prolong for a few hours if they do not avail of any treatment natural CPR can work in that case.

What is the link between both?


When you find someone having a heart attack either call the doctor because every minute matters!! It is best to keep one backup plan emergency doctor number.

What to do: when Heart Attack occurs?


Cardiac arrest is reversible it can be treated within a few minutes. Instantly you can give CPR immediately and continue until the ambulance is not reached. Call A cardiologist in Chennai, MK Heart Clinic 83000 22222.

What to do: when Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs?


1.Poor Lifestyle Routine 2.Excessive drinking and smoking 3.Overweight 4.Stress 5.Hypertension, and 6.Diabetes

What are the reasons these young minds are more prone to this attack?

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