Exploring Orbital Atherectomy Treatment in Chennai

In the ever-evolving landscape of cardiovascular health, medical advancements are crucial in providing patients with innovative solutions.

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Orbital Atherectomy is a minimally invasive cardiovascular procedure designed to treat coronary artery disease characterized by calcified plaque. During the procedure, a catheter with a diamond-coated crown rotates within the artery, effectively sanding.

What is orbital atherectomy treatment?

1. Patient Assessment 2. Consultation and Informed Consent 3. Preparation 4. Anesthesia Administration 5. Orbital Atherectomy Device Insertion 6. Atherectomy Procedure 7. Debris Removal

Step-by-Step Overview

Orbital Atherectomy is a cutting-edge procedure that involves the use of a small, diamond-coated crown to eliminate calcified plaque from coronary arteries.

Understanding Orbital Atherectomy

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The Orbital Atherectomy treatment in Chennai is associated with a multitude of benefits for patients seeking cardiovascular care. Specifically designed to address calcified plaque, this treatment not only restores blood flow but also significantly reduces the risk of complications such as heart attacks and strokes.

Benefits and Outcomes


Orbital Atherectomy treatment in Chennai represents a paradigm shift in cardiovascular care. The innovative procedure, coupled with the expertise of healthcare professionals, offers a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with arterial blockages.

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