Doctor For  Angioplasty Treatment  In Chennai 

Angioplasty, Dr. Kathiresan is an Experienced cardiologist, Results, How to Meet Him? 

Look no further than Dr. Kathiresan! He is one of the best cardiologists in Chennai and has been offering top-notch angioplasty treatment. 

Doctor For  Angioplasty Treatment  In Chennai:

Angioplasty is a form of treatment that is used to unblock arteries and treat heart conditions such as angina and coronary artery disease. 

What is Angioplasty ?

Why the Angioplasty is done? 

It is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to treat blocked arteries and  procedure involves inserting a balloon-tipped catheter into the affected artery. 

Dr. Kathiresan:

Dr. Kathiresan is a renowned cardiologist in Chennai with decades of experience in providing excellent care to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.  

Dr. Kathiresan is a highly skilled cardiologist doctor working at MK Heart Clinic in Chennai, India. He offers angioplasty procedures at an incredibly competitive cost.  . “

Dr. Kathiresan is a renowned cardiologist in Chennai, known for his expertise in performing angioplasties.  He has successfully performed many angioplasties, 


Dr. Kathiresan’s patients have all been extremely satisfied with the results of their angioplasty procedures. One  of the top cardiologists in Chennai. 

How to Meet Him? 

Consult Dr. Kathiresan in Chennai, you can meet him at MK Heart Clinic; Meeting Time is Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 9:30 PM and sat 9:00 to 1:00 Am.

Can Angioplasty Be Done With 100% Blockage? 

The angioplasty treatment in Chennai can’t reduce 100% blockage in the heart but yes most of these blocks are safely removed by performing an Angioplasty.  


The 2 dis- advantage include Damage to blood vessels and other is sometimes an Artery collapse. So getting proper angioplasty surgery is a must  

This blog gives you a better summary of Dr. Kathiresan who is the best cardiologist in Chennai at MK Heart Clinic giving the best and most effective angioplasty treatment in Chennai.  

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