Complex and Advanced Angioplasty 

All over the world the most common and problematic heart disease at present is coronary artery disease which means blockages developing in the blood vessels of the heart. 

We all have three blood vessels which supply blood and nutrients to the heart muscle continuously so that the heart can perform its function efficiently.

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Atherosclerosis is the disease process which causes accumulation of cholesterol and inflammatory cells in the inner layer of blood vessels of heart and brain leading to heart attack and stroke leading to advanced angioplasty. 

Coronary Artery Disease and Risk Factors 

Our heart has a high degree of compensatory process so that symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness do not develop until the blockages in the blood vessels reach more than 70% severity. 

Disease Progression and Symptoms 

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In order to diagnose the disease earlier we need to be proactive and undergo regular periodic health checkups including ECG, Echocardiogram and Treadmill test (stress ECG). 

Importance of Early Diagnosis and Prevention 

Coronary angiogram is a test to identify the blockages in the blood vessels of the heart, it takes 15-20 minutes usually for the test procedure and the patient has to stay in the hospital for further 4 hours for observation. 

Coronary Angiogram 

Nearly 80% of the complex and advanced angioplasty in Chennai are straightforward, which normally takes 45 minutes to 1 hour for the procedure and totally 2-3 days stay in the hospital.

Angioplasty Procedures 

In certain patients apart from cholesterol blockage calcium also starts depositing leading to very hard plaques and stents cannot be deployed or expanded. 

Types of Angioplasty Procedures 

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In chronic kidney disease patients, it is better to avoid injection of iodine contrast to visualize the coronary arteries during the complex and advanced angioplasty in Chennai. 

Considerations for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients 

Although all the procedures of complex and advanced angioplasty in Chennai lead to additional cost they help to avoid bypass surgery for patients who are at higher risk for surgery. 


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