Best Cardiologist in Chennai


Cardiology deals with multiple disorders of the heart ranging from congenital defects to acquired heart diseases and lifestyle diseases affecting infants, young and old. The best Cardiologist in Chennai helps the patients precisely with a superior clinical outcome.

Field of Cardiology


Medical history and physical examination are examined for an individual prone to heart ailments such as dizziness, palpitations, chest pain and shortness of breath.  Some additional tests such as an echocardiogram, ECG, blood tests are taken to check for further complications.

Common symptoms of heart problems


Get the best Cardiologist treatment in Chennai with these experienced and effective Cardologists in Chennai to get an advanced treatment for yourself or your closed ones. – Dr. Kathiresan – Dr Justin Paul – Dr. Ravi Kumar – Dr. R. Hari Harakrishnan – Dr. E. Babu

Best Cardiologist in Chennai


Dr. Kathiresan is the best Cardiologist in Chennai associated with MK Heart Clinic.  He is well-known for his immense experience, integrity and interventional skills for being accomplished as an Interventional Cardiologist to treat patients with state-of-the-art equipment.

About  Dr. Kathiresan


Dr. Kathiresan has handled many critical cases successfully (complex angioplasties, vascular and endovascular procedures, intracoronary imaging and structural heart disease interventions).  He is a senior consultant in various hospitals (Apollo Hospital, SRM Medical College Hospital, Kauvery hospital, Madras Medical Mission, etc.)

Specialised services  Dr. Kathiresan


Dr. Justin Paul has vast experience being the best Cardiologist in Chennai in the medical field. He is practicing at Sri Balaji Hospital and Apollo Medical Centre.  Patients across Chennai approach him for his holistic approach.

About Dr Justin Paul


Dr. Justin Paul provides comprehensive services using the cutting-edge technology in Cardiac Catheterisation, Heart Conditions, Hypertension Treatment, Bypass Surgery/Cardioversion and Coronary Angioplasty etc.  by assessing the problem of the patients who approach him and advises medications accordingly.

Comprehensive services - Dr Justin Paul


Dr. Ravi Kumar is the best Cardiologist at Gleneagles Global Health City.  Using his intelligence, world-class equipment and with the aid of modern technology, he ensures to give the best treatment to make the patients lead a better and healthy life. by assessing the problem of the patients who approach him and advises medications accordingly.

About  Dr. Ravi Kumar


Dr. Ravi Kumar offers sophisticated treatments to his patients in transplant immunology, and heart transplant.  Prior to the current responsibility, he is associated  with Lifeline Hospitals, Fortis Hospital and other hospitals overseas to treat complex surgeries.

Sophisticated treatments  Dr. Ravi Kumar


Dr. R. Hari Harakrishnan is the best Cardiologist in Chennai in treating numerous heart patients with complicated cases using his advanced treatments. He is currently working in VS Hospitals with hard work and dedication by adopting standard surgical procedures.

About Dr. R. Hari Harakrishnan


Dr. R. Hari Harakrishnan’s provides the best Cardiologist treatment in Chennai include diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, congenital heart defects, valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, and electrophysiology to help patients to recover from their health issues and extend their lives.

Dr. R. Hari Harakrishnan (Services)


Dr. E. Babu works in Fortis Malar Hospital as a Cardiologist and Aortic Valve Surgeon.  He treats patients with complex coronary intervention including complex angioplasty stenting, imaging procedures, heart failure, endovascular aortic and peripheral vascular interventions.

About Dr. E. Babu


Dr. E. Babu has enriched the lives of many heart patients who require standard healthcare services to help them return to their normal lifestyle. Moreover, he explains the surgical procedures to patients with safety measures to lead a healthy life.

Dr. E. Babu  (healthcare services)

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