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Cardiology has wide-ranging and multi-faceted branches. As all medical fields have varied areas of specialization when it comes to special care & addressing the different needs of patients. Many specialists have their policies and principles for dealing with their patients. One of the subspecialties of cardiology that are associated here at MK Heart clinic is interventional cardiology.

This MK Heart clinic has experienced interventional cardiologists who are dedicated to contributing their efforts to making interventional cardiology a successful field in the day-to-day medical world. Therefore, MK Heart Clinic has a qualified interventional cardiologist, Dr. M. Kathiresan, who is known to be the best interventional cardiologist in Chennai

Before going into deep about interventional cardiology and why it’s such a critical field. Let’s discuss first:

What is Interventional Cardiology?

Interventional cardiology is the subspecialty of cardiology that uses nonsurgical catheter-based treatment procedures to open up the blocked arteries in the heart and other areas of the body. This procedure is used in cases of vascular disease, coronary artery disease, structural heart disease, and congenital heart defects.

A trained interventional cardiologist at MK Heart clinic uses various diagnostic equipment and imaging techniques to measure all your blood flow and whether blood pressure is appropriately flowing through the arteries to different parts of the heart chambers or not. Interventional cardiologists do not prefer to do” open” heart surgeries.

Are you looking for a “top cardiologist in a nearby area than Dr. M. Kathiresan, the Best cardiologist in Chennai at MK Heart Clinic is the right one for you!! He is a man of versatile character specializing in interventional skills specifically in complex angioplasties and is best in Intracoronary imaging, Endovascular procedures, and structural heart disease interventions.

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Who is the Interventional cardiologist?

All cardiologists are specialists in treating and detecting of your heart is functioning well or not. Some cardiologists move a step ahead in receiving additional education and training to treat cardiovascular disease by adopting Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) called invasive procedures.

What is Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

 PCI is a non-surgical method only with a small cut made on the skin to open up the narrow arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. The specialist who performs this procedure is called interventional cardiologists. Dr. M. Kathiresan, the best interventional cardiologist in Chennai is excellent at performing PCI procedures for treating the cardiovascular disease

What Interventional Cardiologists are Specialized in?

An interventional cardiologist specializing in using catheter-based techniques for treating and identifying artery disease, vascular disease, structural heart disease, and congenital heart defects.

They also use various tools and techniques & imaging techniques to identify whether your blood pressure is flowing correctly to all your heart chamber or not, if any issues persist then with their interventional tools and techniques, they start treating them. Dr. M. Kathiresan, the best interventional cardiologist in Chennai, at MK Heart Clinic highly esteemed for his best interventional using skills & techniques for treating the vascular-related disease

Furthermore, interventional cardiologists are trained enough to place stents in blockage arteries that could allow flowing blood easily and properly to reduce heart stroke. And also, they are trained to repair holes in the heart or place a special device in the heart, to function properly.

This interventional cardiologist uses many advents cutting-edge technology and new innovative techniques and complex advancements such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), and mitral valve replacement, cardiac catheterization, which acts as life-saving and life-enhancing procedures for treating patients suffering from heart disease, valve defects, or structural abnormalities.

Dr. M. Kathiresan is one of the best interventional Cardiologist in Chennai, Who is acclimated for giving his selfless achievement in this interventional cardiology surgery treatment. 

But Yes, do not be confused Interventional cardiologists with Cardiac or vascular surgeons because these Interventional cardiologists won’t perform traditional open heart surgery what these Cardiac or vascular surgeons do!!

If you think that you need interventional cardiac surgery then kindly meet Dr. M. Kathiresan is one of the most acclaimed interventional cardiologists in Chennai working at MK Heart clinic.

Interventional Cardiology Tests and Procedures

Interventional cardiologists do any type of test and procedure as per the people’s ages. It is noted down that many interventional cardiologists do the life-saving procedure. The tests and procedures that an interventional cardiologist does per seeing the patient’s particular issues, seeing overall health, or seeing the wellness goals.

What Interventional Cardiology Tests and Procedures are performed in the MK Heart clinic?

When it comes to advances in interventional cardiology, the MK heart clinic comes at the top list in offering all state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing techniques that are used in this interventional cardiac surgery.

The testing used in the MK Heart clinic by interventional cardiologists includes as:

Cardiovascular Imaging

Interventional cardiologists often suggest seeing imaging studies to get a detailed look into various structures and functions of the heart and cardiovascular system. And Dr. M. Kathiresan, known to be an excellent interventional cardiologist in Chennai also prefers to go for this Cardiovascular Imaging procedure while understanding the structures and functions of the heart and cardiovascular system.

This Cardiovascular Imaging gives a more furnished report when it comes to evaluation, monitoring, diagnosing, and managing heart and vascular issues.

This Cardiovascular Imaging includes- Cardiac computed tomography which includes X-ray technology, imaging, and computers. The special types of computers are used to detect defects in the heart or to find out any vascular-related problems.

It also includes Coronary angiography, Digital subtraction angiography (DSA), Echocardiogram, Intravascular ultrasound, MRI & MPI

The Procedure

  • One is a catheter-based procedure.
  • minimally invasive procedure.
  • A hollow tube is inserted into a large blood vessel to know if your heart is working well or not.
  • ASD procedure, Atrial septal defect (ASD) closure, the procedure is done to treat holes in birth babies to know the size and location of the proper heart holes.
  • Chronic total occlusion (CTO) intervention is an invasive stenting procedure to treat complete blockage of one or more coronary arteries.

These are a few procedures named above that are undertaken by the Interventional cardiologists at MK Heart Clinic. More you can able to know about the procedure and testing when you visit their website

If you have any issues like heart disease, valve defects, or structural abnormalities can contact Dr. M. Kathiresan one of the most applauded interventional cardiologists in Chennai at MK Heart Clinic.


In this blog, you can able to know about interventional cardiologists and their expertly level, and also you can able to know what else steps and procedures are followed during interventional cardiac surgery at MK Heart Clinic.

Apart from your kind information, this blog has mentioned a heart specialist name Dr. M. Kathiresan known to be the best heart specialist in Chennai, working at MK heart Clinic, if you have any above issues can meet him.