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5 Things to Know About Surgical Revascularization

Surgical Revascularization
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When the body moves on the right track!!! When we have the right body with the proper mind. The main your body starts functioning well when all your body system works well. The whole body of yours is controlled by all body systems like the nervous system, digestive system, blood circulatory system & respiratory system and lots more to be added to your system list as well.

The pulmonary and coronary systems play a vital role as it flows blood to all blood vessels and carries blood to the heart. If any one of them above is not functioning properly then you need to have a Surgical Revascularization.

When you have a good pumping rate all pulmonary and coronary systems flow the oxygen and blood to different parts of your body. Therefore, keeping your “lovely red heart” healthy utmost priority. But unfortunately, this not going to happen!! when we compare it to a recent phenomenon.

Food habits and other constraints are also on the list to make your red heart functioning poor and outdated. Therefore, nowadays many heart-related issues are found among all age generations. If you find any cardio-related issues immediately consult a Cardiologist in Chennai, MK Heart clinic.

What is Surgical Revascularization?

Surgical revascularization is a modern advent method of using surgical techniques to improve blood flow in the coronary arteries. If you find that your blood flow is hindered and you are not getting proper oxygen to your body and getting breathing issues just consult a heart specialist in Chennai.

They have experienced healthcare Heart Specialists who can offer you the best Surgical Revascularization to get effective blood flow and oxygen to your whole body. Thanks to our great invention of science which has given us such a beautiful incarnation for treating the human body and making them well and fine.

If medicine treatment such as medication and lifestyle changes fail to improve your blood flow then opt for Surgical Revascularization. If you are on the verge of confusion about whether it will work or not take the doctor’s advice. A Heart Specialist in Chennai, MK Heart clinic will guide you!!

But before going into this procedure, you should be more aware and informed about its good and bad so that you can book a date at MK Heart clinic. Being a  Heart specialist in Chennai they will give the best Surgical Revascularization surgery so that you can surely be fit and fine.

If you find peripheral artery disease (PAD) the loss of blood flow to your heart, arteries, and vein leads to many complications like heart valve stroke, or heart attack, and also more complications may be found in the future as well. Immediately consult MK Heart clinic and opt for Surgical Revascularization surgery as per their advice.

When is Revascularization Performed?

Surgical revascularization is performed on patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) who cannot be treated with medicine or other noninvasive treatments. This procedure opens blocked or narrowed arteries so that blood can flow through them more freely, improving heart health and reducing the risk of chest pain (angina).

However, there are risks associated with revascularization surgery, and it’s important to know what they are before you decide whether this treatment will work best for your condition.

How Effective is Revascularization?

Surgical revascularization (sometimes called revascularization or percutaneous revascularization) is the term used to describe medical procedures that are performed to restore blood flow to an organ, usually due to blockage in an artery. Common surgical revascularization procedures include coronary bypass, heart valve repair, and angioplasty with stent placement.

These surgeries are performed by a specialist doctor and it is 100% effective which helps for restoring the blood flow to a normal state that moves to all organs effectively. 

Reasons for this Procedure

People with PAD symptoms are more prone to Surgical Revascularization surgery. That means there is no proper flow of blood to their legs and feet blood is blocked within the arteries so they need to do Surgical Revascularization surgery.

A less impact form of PAD is called intermittent claudication there is leg pain during exercise which can fade away when anyone takes a rest. Here the doctor recommends a rehabilitation program that includes physical activity or they are given medicine and recommended to quit smoking. They consider revascularization if needed!!

Ischemia – when there is a lack of blood flow to your arteries, vein, and heart. Even loss of blood flow can damage your leg and foot tissue severely requiring Surgical Revascularization surgery.

Symptoms can include

  •   Pain
  •   Ulcers
  •   Gangrene

If you find such issues then visit a doctor to get a proper check-up.

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease people also can opt for Surgical Revascularization surgery. Sometimes it goes overshadowed in many cases but when the patient complains of having chest pain then it can be detected some major Coronary artery complications are there.

If you are one of them and find some coronary artery disease like light or mid-range chest pain then consult a Heart Specialist in Chennai.

Who is Prone to this Coronary Artery Disease?

  •   Diabetes
  •   High Cholesterol
  •   High Blood Pressure.

When medication and other techniques, like improved diet and exercise, won’t work out then you need to have a cardiac Surgical Revascularization surgery. This procedure is the option to relieve chest pain. Depending upon the blockage of a patient they can go for: –

  •   Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  •   Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass
  •   Percutaneous Coronary Intervention to Redirect Blood Flow and Reinstate Oxygen

How Will you Get Well Soon After Revascularization?

  • After the surgery is done, you most likely stay several nights in the hospital, possibly up to a week. You can feel a little tired for a few weeks.
  • Can have mild pain around your incisions and some leg swelling.
  • After the time pass on you can come back to normal activities but yes consult your doctor. cardiologist in Chennai, MK Heart clinic will help you in that to get a speedy recovery.
  • It depends upon which procedure you have going through if undergone the interventional procedure, it will take less time, you can go on the same day of your angioplasty or stent placement.
  • But yes, your doctor may mark that your legs are swollen or your groin or not when they inserted the catheter. You can walk for a few days after the procedure is done.  
  • Anyhow, if you have undergone an atherectomy you may take a week for recovery. But you can ask your doctor and stay as per his instructions.

Benefits of Surgical Revascularization

  • It makes the blood flow normalize
  • It relieves the severe chest pain
  • It removes the blockage from the artery vein that makes the blood flows to the heart properly and produces oxygen
  • Improve your day-to-day life and make your life normal.


Here are a few hacks to know About Surgical Revascularization, and by going through this blog you can able to grasp more information and knowledge about this procedure. If you have such problems or nearer and dear of yours have some cardiac or PAD disease can consult a cardiologist in Chennai,

MK Heart Clinic. Health is life; life without proper care is meaning less!! Money won’t sustain a single penny when your health is not in good condition.